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Welcome to our page dedicated to providing you with a keno download that fits your needs. We've scoured the net to try and bring the best free keno download packages out there together in one place. Many of these games are shareware, and some are freeware. You may find ad-ware among them (software that doesn't cost money but will present you with advertisements as you use it). You will also find some 'freeware' packages are free because they also offer casino games for real money. I have only included examples of these which do not limit the use of their free play, change its functionally, odds, game-play or have time or use limitations. As for the retail software and shareware, the occasional keno download may be limited on any of the above variables, with less game-play options or placing date limits on usage. I attempt to present this information for each game available for download, although occasionally I'm certain not all pertinent information will be accessible.

None of the software on this page was created by, is maintained by, or is owned by myself, or anyone I know for that matter. None of the links are paid for or tracked in any way (most downloads are local from my site, but some require linking to a remote server).


Animated Keno DownloadCasino Keno
FreeWare: FREE
Made by:
Runs on: Windows

Online Vegas Online Casino offers a free download for their casino games which includes on of the most Vegas like Keno experiences available online.
You do not need to purchase anything and there are no time limits, meaning you can play for free for as long as you want. Of course playing for money is certainly an option.


Animated Keno DownloadAnimated Keno 2.0
ShareWare: price unknown
Made by:
Runs on: Windows

Animated Keno is very similar to the video keno games found in many casinos. Select from one to ten spots out of the 80 available and bet from one to ten credits per game. This keno download is a nice basic game for your home computer.


Power Lotto Wheeler DownloadPower Lotto Wheeler 6.0
Made by: Diego Ng
ShareWare: price $39.00USD - limited functionality
Runs on: Windows

Power Lotto Wheeler supports Lotto and Keno game types from Pick 3 to Pick 10. There are 308 wheel tables provided in the registered version. It provides load and save functions for wheel data. The program also supports duplicate numbers and allows zero as a valid number in a wheel. Note, however, that only 36 out of 338 wheel tables are enabled in the unregistered version. I don't see the value in wheeling your bets anyway, but if you want to learn more about it perhaps this is the software for you. They certainly seem to think its worth a few bucks.


PC Keno DownloadPC Keno 2.05
Made by: S.B. Novakovic
ShareWare: cost unknown
Runs on : Windows / NT

Test your keno prowess with this PC Keno download, which features four levels and two styles of play. You'll have 30 credits to bet and 15 turns to win. PC Keno features variable difficulty settings (their own choice of words, not mine), sound effects, name save, a random number picker (ok, pseudo), and a statistics window.


Lot Keno DownloadLotKeno 2.0
Made by: HugeSoft S.L.
FreeWare: no cost
Runs on: Windows

This application permits fans to calculate the possibilities of success with any one of the premiums offered by the games Lotto or Keno. With support for two bonus balls, LotKeno could be an indispensable tool for the Lotto or Keno fan, or at least the ones obsessed with watching numbers they can't affect! But hey, I can't complain, it's free!


4ck 4-card Keno Download4ck 4-Card Keno 2.0
Made by: Cyrens Solutions
ShareWare: Demo version expires after ten days - Cost $15.95
Runs on: Windows

In 4cK 4-Card Keno, you get to pick one to ten numbers on four video Keno cards. Bet one to ten coins on any card. Play nickels, dimes, quarters, half-dollars, or dollars. Each game, the computer picks 20 numbers, which are applied to all four cards. Keeps track of total bets and wins for each card. New features: smoother graphics, faster speeds, and saved games.


EcoKeno DownloadEcokeno 3.23
Made by: Cellard
ShareWare: Cost $20 - limited functionality
Runs on: Windows

The Ecokeno download offers wheeling systems for the following varieties of Keno: 4/70, 5/70, 6/70, 7/70, 8/70, 9/70, 10/70, and BANCOJASS. Ecokeno can print the grids directly and has a module that shows the number of 'good' numbers in each grid. It limits the number of systems to eight, and 114 in the registered version. French language feature.


Power Keno DownloadPower Keno 1.0
Made by: Crescent Vision Interactive
ShareWare: Cost $15 - limited functionality
Runs on: Windows

Power Keno is similar to the classic Powerball video Keno machines found in casinos, but with a modern look and animation. This keno download's features include original graphics and sound effects, a save game option which is disabled in the shareware versions, game statistics, and online help. Pick your numbers and watch the animated balls float around in the machine.


Tatts Keno DownloadTatts Keno Pro 2.0
Made by: Payras Software
ShareWare: Cost $51.95 (probably AUS) - 30 day time limit
Runs on: Windows

Tatts Keno Pro is a professional and powerful tool (or it better be for a nine meg download!!) designed to calculate combinations for the Australian Keno from Tattersall's. It's the ultimate software you have to try to improve your chances of winning and get the best out of your bet, on this specific game. Apparently (how would I know, I've never been to Australia!).

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